Selasa, 09 April 2013

I was feature on Tabloid GENIE

Good evening friends
Back ,, back ,, back again having me " BLOG " time . After dropped some packages at JNE and took care of my daughter after she got back from school and hereee i am .. sit in front of computer , relax , try to enjoying this HOT night . Yeah of course this HOT thing directly into the sun which is seems like angry to all of kind things of pollution that we (people) caused.

Past few days i got one package that i didnt know who is the sender until i saw on the corner the envelope written Tabloid GENIE , and i kept wondering what is inside the package. When I opened and there is one Tabloid GENIE and suddenly i got flashback my memory .. so on Wednesday 20 March 2013
which is last month , i was interviewed by one of talented reporter of Tabloid GENIE named Rahmi Agusrinawati. 

We've been friend on facebook and she inbox me to arranged about the interview. Finnaly on that date she came to my house with her friend named Hadi the photographer . And i was so super duper excited about me being interviewed for the first time in my life ,,, LOL i guess i was so nervous.
Mba Rahmi , i called her .. she is nice person and easy going. For almost 1 hour we were talked about how i first started this bussines (Mrs. Irma's Sewcraft ) , what do i make , how to i sell , what is my goal for the future of my bussines , and so on.

Until the time to took some photos of my products and Mas Hadi ready to captured with his best angle. And also i was contributed tutorial step by step making my Cupcake Pincushion. Click ,, click ,, click ,, and done.
 Around 3pm they both went back to their office and i was so thankfull with them for trusted me as creativity guest in Tabloid GENIE. 

Back to the present time ,, and now i couldn't stop staring this tabloid because i was feature on it . Thank you GOD for your blessing , and may GOD open some doors for me to expand my bussines into something bigger,Amin.

Here's some pictures of me in Tabloid GENIE edition 34 (5-11 april 2013) : 



 If you guys dying to know how to make cupcake pincushion ,, so what are you waiting for ?! go get Tabloid GENIE at the nearest newstand at your home !
 Thank you for visiting and spent time reading my blog ^_^

LOVE * Mrs. Irma *