Senin, 28 Januari 2013

I'm Irma the Sewcraft Explorer - Singapore #part 2

Yipppiee yyeee ,,, im trully sorry for being sooo late posted part 2 as i promised to you guys :(  
I have been worked out some cupcake pincushion orders.
Now today i have plenty time to typing and ready to share the journey
Hmmm ,, lets begin with TYPO , it is one of store which is caught me up when in singapore. TYPO is a place where you can buy stationery stuff (journal , notebook , planner , pencil , pen , bag , card , home , wall hanging etc). You can find TYPO in Wisma Atria Singapore .
I didn't took a picture of it because i was overwhelmed with the goods and also crowded inside.

This birdcage shelf and bird holder from TYPO

Next place is SPOTLIGHT , this is the superstore of sewing and craft also home appliances . I always come to SPOTLIGHT when in singapore . I call it heaven for everyone who loves crafting hahahaaaa ... i mean it guys , this place is so complete everything about sewing and craft you can find it here especially american brands. SPOTLIGHT located in Plaza Singapore just headed to the 5th floor .
I did took a picture but from the outside :

Curtain area 

The display

inside the store

inside the store

The display

The display

The display

Full of range craft supplies

Full of range craft supplies

Next is , who doesnt know DAISO ?? I bet everybody know what DAISO is ,, it is japan store with one price.
I never missed shop in daiso heheheee ,, the price is cheap ( in singapore the price it's only 2dollars) but they offering stuff with good quality. I bought some shabby cloth fabric and wooden boxes :

Still 2 more places i will share with you guys . The first one is CAT SOCRATES , i find out this store from facebook accidently .. yeah i dont even know that singapore has a store like this .. guess im so lucky :)
So i did researched where is the address CAT SOCRATES located ( i got it from their blog) .
CAT SOCRATES located in Bras Basah Complex , i thought that i was lost because when we arrived at Bras Basah Complex its just not what we expected i mean the store in there mostly selling books ( school books ). But we finnaly found CAT SOCRATES .. ooh and the store is so kawaiii .. they are selling cute stuff like notebooks , stamps , bag , home decor , linen fabrics , etc. 

Bras Basah Complex

The front store

Me in front of the store ( the woman behind unpack the new arrival things)

inside the store

inside the store

wooden boxes

wanna grab them all

kawaaiii things everywhere

I fall in love with this vintage wooden box

 And the last one store is BEADSPIN , this one also accidently found out. Me , my husband , and my daughter are planned to go to IKEA the furniture superstore in Tampines . When we arrived at tampines MRT station i was looking around and found this store ... how lucky i am :))
When i got in the store ooohh my god ,, it's full of beads , jewellry findings , resin , all beading stuff .
Yippiieee i was so happy ... finnaly i found the store which is sell jewellry findings . I've been looking this kind of store !! yeah and lucky me i got 20% discount for any purchse above 100dollars .

i bought charms , ring , hairpin , resin 

the display

 my daughter always be the model

 Fiuhh ,, and that's the end of my journey as sewcraft explorer in Singapore . I try my best to descibed it clearly and im sorry if my english so bad (im workin on it). I hope it can help you guys when you are planning to go to singapore and wanna visit the sewing and craft store in there.
Just so you know there's a lot of sewing and craft store in singapore and i have'nt try it myself .. i have the list of it and im going to explore it next time.
Last but not least ,, thank you for reading the story and visit my blog :)
Wish me luck for the next explore!

Keep calm and sewing on
~ IRMA ~

Senin, 14 Januari 2013

I'm Irma the Sewcraft Explorer - Singapore #part 1

I am backkkk again .. Spending little time to share my journey to find sewing and craft store all over the world. Its became my routine when i go to holiday i will find local sewing and craft store of the country. And now im gonna share about my last holiday to Singapore  .. i've been couple times to Singapore because it doesnt take a long time (only 2 hours by plane from jakarta) and i think Singapore is a complete package ! the food , the store , the city , the amusement park , the people , anything you name it you'll find out in Singapore. 

 Last week on 3rd January 2013 i went to singapore with my husband and my daughter . Actually we had plan to celebrate new years in there but we didn't get the flight ticket its full booked. After 2 hours flew finnaly we were safety arrived in singapore :). Out of changi airport , got maxi cab and straight to the hotel ( we booked hotel on scotts road near orchard road).

The next morning we went to Sentosa island to had some fun ,, we took cable car the perfect ride to see all sentosa island . We saw 4D pirates .. took so much picture of ourselves .. but one word for that day  HOT ! really really hot , sweat all over our body and so damn thirsty. And after enjoyed sentosa island before go back to hotel . I was asked my husband to go to CHINATOWN ,,, yes this is the first place where my explorer begun in Singapore.

When I go to Singapore CHINATOWN always be my favorite one ,, because there’s a lot of sewing and craft store. We took MRT to CHINATOWN and after arrived we were straight to PEOPLE’S PARK building (PEOPLE'S PARK HAWKER CENTRE) , the first floor is like food court there’s so many food stall and I always like the second floor becauuuseee yeayy 2nd floor is full off sewing and craft stores !! ooyesss im dying and so excited :)

This is people's park building (this picture belongs to JO)

There’s one store in people’s park building be my favorite one which sell almost japan fabrics and I always go there when In Singapore . The name is MALIN TEXTILE the owner named JO , she is very kind handle the customer , nice person . MALIN TEXTILE sell good fabrics the original ones .. so many japan fabrics like kokka , lecien , sevenberry , yuwa etc. I bought some japan linen because in Jakarta there’s nothing like one of brand that I mention before.

this is it MALIN TEXTILE

this is it MALIN TEXTILE

Me inside the store

Me with Jo the owner

one of the alley at second floor ,,, tempting you right lol

Full off fabric stores
Another one

sewing supplies
This is all fabrics which i bought from malin textile 

Another lovely fabrics i bought in there 


After Malin textile next pit stop is  GOLDEN DRAGON . GOLDEN DRAGON located in building that opposite with people's park centre. If im not wrong the bulding name PEOPLE's PARK COMPLEX. Golden dragon is the place which sell not only fabrics but sewing tools , notions , lace , button , yarn , zipper , its very very complete . And i feel like want to buy anything inside heheheee ... yeah i have to be picky to buy something that doesnt exist in jakarta so i bought this like in the picture :

Linen fabric from golden dragon

Golden dragon stuff

Outside golden dragon

display golden dragon

inside golden dragon

inside golden dragon

me inside golden dragon ,, my daughter who was taken this photo :)


knitting / crochet class


big smile with two big plastic in my hands

big smile with two big plastic in my hands

Shinobeads ,, beads place and cute printed ribbon

My explorer didnt stop until there guys ... there's still 2 more places that i want share with you but im going to share it in part 2 . See you in #part 2 :)