Senin, 28 Januari 2013

I'm Irma the Sewcraft Explorer - Singapore #part 2

Yipppiee yyeee ,,, im trully sorry for being sooo late posted part 2 as i promised to you guys :(  
I have been worked out some cupcake pincushion orders.
Now today i have plenty time to typing and ready to share the journey
Hmmm ,, lets begin with TYPO , it is one of store which is caught me up when in singapore. TYPO is a place where you can buy stationery stuff (journal , notebook , planner , pencil , pen , bag , card , home , wall hanging etc). You can find TYPO in Wisma Atria Singapore .
I didn't took a picture of it because i was overwhelmed with the goods and also crowded inside.

This birdcage shelf and bird holder from TYPO

Next place is SPOTLIGHT , this is the superstore of sewing and craft also home appliances . I always come to SPOTLIGHT when in singapore . I call it heaven for everyone who loves crafting hahahaaaa ... i mean it guys , this place is so complete everything about sewing and craft you can find it here especially american brands. SPOTLIGHT located in Plaza Singapore just headed to the 5th floor .
I did took a picture but from the outside :

Curtain area 

The display

inside the store

inside the store

The display

The display

The display

Full of range craft supplies

Full of range craft supplies

Next is , who doesnt know DAISO ?? I bet everybody know what DAISO is ,, it is japan store with one price.
I never missed shop in daiso heheheee ,, the price is cheap ( in singapore the price it's only 2dollars) but they offering stuff with good quality. I bought some shabby cloth fabric and wooden boxes :

Still 2 more places i will share with you guys . The first one is CAT SOCRATES , i find out this store from facebook accidently .. yeah i dont even know that singapore has a store like this .. guess im so lucky :)
So i did researched where is the address CAT SOCRATES located ( i got it from their blog) .
CAT SOCRATES located in Bras Basah Complex , i thought that i was lost because when we arrived at Bras Basah Complex its just not what we expected i mean the store in there mostly selling books ( school books ). But we finnaly found CAT SOCRATES .. ooh and the store is so kawaiii .. they are selling cute stuff like notebooks , stamps , bag , home decor , linen fabrics , etc. 

Bras Basah Complex

The front store

Me in front of the store ( the woman behind unpack the new arrival things)

inside the store

inside the store

wooden boxes

wanna grab them all

kawaaiii things everywhere

I fall in love with this vintage wooden box

 And the last one store is BEADSPIN , this one also accidently found out. Me , my husband , and my daughter are planned to go to IKEA the furniture superstore in Tampines . When we arrived at tampines MRT station i was looking around and found this store ... how lucky i am :))
When i got in the store ooohh my god ,, it's full of beads , jewellry findings , resin , all beading stuff .
Yippiieee i was so happy ... finnaly i found the store which is sell jewellry findings . I've been looking this kind of store !! yeah and lucky me i got 20% discount for any purchse above 100dollars .

i bought charms , ring , hairpin , resin 

the display

 my daughter always be the model

 Fiuhh ,, and that's the end of my journey as sewcraft explorer in Singapore . I try my best to descibed it clearly and im sorry if my english so bad (im workin on it). I hope it can help you guys when you are planning to go to singapore and wanna visit the sewing and craft store in there.
Just so you know there's a lot of sewing and craft store in singapore and i have'nt try it myself .. i have the list of it and im going to explore it next time.
Last but not least ,, thank you for reading the story and visit my blog :)
Wish me luck for the next explore!

Keep calm and sewing on
~ IRMA ~

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  1. thank you mba irma, super helpful post dan yang pasti bikin ngiler pengen liat2 juga hahahah (",) can't wait for the next installment..

  2. sama-sama mba ,, semoga bermanfaat infonya :)