Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Plastic Jar Pincushion

Ola sunday afternoon ,,, i just finished my " Plastic Jar Pincushion " project . Another pincushion again ,,, hahahahh .. just love every step making a pincushion and also very usefull for sewer and crafter like me (agree with me right ?!).
This plastic jar pincushion is the bigger version of my cupcake pincushion .. and its also have space ( the plastic jar ) to keep needle , bobbin , any little tiny craft tools. The height is about 10 cm and the widht / diameter is 6,5 cm. Not too small or too big just perfectly fit in and make your sewcraft desk more beautiful.
Available in five colours : dark pink , dark blue , green , purple , and orange .

And here is some picture of  " PLASTIC JAR PINCUSHION " :

Coming soon , another pincushion that i made a couple years ago , i will restock (on progress) soooo ,, see you on my next post guys. 

2 komentar:

  1. cantik, Mbak Irma :)
    berapa harganya?

  2. Thanks mba ririe ,, harganya 25.000 /pc