Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Sweet Kring " Ring "

Hii ,, Hiii ,,, Im back with a new creation named Sweet Kring " Ring " . Yup this is a ring for the one who love wearing accesories , made by lace and flower resin that make its moreee sweeett  :)))
The ring can be forward and backward customized with your finger so no need to be worry if its too tight or loose. I made this ring inspired by sweet treats like candy and biscuits soo yumm !! but this one doesnt makes you fat or toothache hahhahaah .. LOL

And here is some picture of  Sweet Kring " Ring " :

Just wanna ask or If you want one ,, just text me in 085813117555 or you can see on my facebook shop.
See you on my next post guys ....

                                                                                                                     ~ XOXO Irma ~

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