Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Shabby Pastel Cupcake Pincushion

Night friends .. im back ready to blogging again !!
Huffttt .. finnaly i can have me time after taught my daughter math subject which is not my favorite one , but as a parents i need to be there to give her a lesson as much as i can.
Sit in front of my computer plus having elle and vire yoghurt mixed berries as mood booster , now im ready to sharing my handmade.
One week ago i did one project yupp like the title above " Shabby Pastel Cupcake Pincushion "
I made the former cupcake pincushion with polkadot motif on the top and flower motif for the bottom
And now since i was sooo crazy in love with shabby vintage style .. i applied my crazyness on my cupcake pincushion LOL : D

Using shabby flower fabrics and some embelishment and voila ... the" Shabby Pastel Cupcake Pincushion " is done . Freshly baked by me , here are some pictures :

If you want to have one or more than one LOL ^_^ just see at my PAGE . Have a nice night and sleep tight
See you on my next post !


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